Makeup Q&A with Cat

Complexion Enhancers for Light Skin:

    •Angel Glow Skin Enhancer
    •Catnip Bronzer
    •Catalicious Bronzer And Finishing Powder
    •Tinted Love
    •Silk Purrfection
    •Whiskers Blush
    •Hello Gorgeous Kit
    •Light Mineral Concealer Pen
    •Skin Double Foundation 

Complexion Enhancers for Medium Skin:

    •Girl On Fire Bronzer
    •Catnip Bronzer
    •Tinted Love
    •Silk Purrfection
    •Touch Of Sun
    •Adventurous Bronzer
    •Angel Glow Skin Enhancer
    •Whiskers Blush
    •Hello Gorgeous! Kit
    •Skin Double Foundation
    •Medium Mineral Concealer Pen

Complexion Enhancers for Dark Skin:

    •Touch of Sun Mineral Bronzer
    •Venus de My Glow Bronzer
    •Dandylion II Bronzer
    •Whiskers Blush
    •Hello Gorgeous Kit
    •Skin Double Foundation

Q: How can I make my eyes look bigger?
A: Believe it or not, the Smokey Eye will make your eyes the focal point of your face. It's a great tool for either creating the smokey eye from scratch, or to enhance what you wear during the day to easily take you into nighttime drama.

Q: How can I make my eyes look smaller?
A: Line the inner eye with an eye pencil, it’s gorgeous!

Q: Cat, what are your best makeup tips?
A: Pay close attention to the eyes. Making your eyes pop with color (especially earth tones) make all the difference in the world.

I often like doing my eyes first because when I do, I end up discovering I don’t need to wear as much makeup on my face. You can never go wrong with Smolder (eye pencil) and the nude lip liner with Rich Lip Gloss. Add a bronzer to that plus mascara and I am telling you, you are good to go!

One more thing, always apply everything on your face, (bronzer, contour, blushes, eye shadows) with an upward stroke. Up is your friend and gives the illusion of a lift

Q: How can I make my makeup last longer?
A: Silk Perfection is our special make-up primer. It is silicone based, and acts as sort-of a spackle, filling in fine lines so your makeup doesn’t crease. It also makes your makeup last longer, though with our professional, high pigmented cosmetics, it is long lasting to begin with. I find using a powder to set foundation helps a lot too.

Q: What's your favorite powder?
A: My favorite powder is my pressed powder in BIEGE. It’s great for all skin tones except super light or pale skin.

Q: How can I make my lipstick stay on longer?
A: Unless your lips are naturally full, I always recommend a lip liner to keep lip products from bleeding. In my opinion this is what separates a cheap pencil from a higher, better quality pencil made with better ingredients.

After lining the lips I also recommend lightly filling in the lips with the pencil itself to make your lip color last longer.

Non-transfer lip colors are made with a good amount of alcohol and will dry out your lips. I only recommend them for kissing scenes and weddings. ;-)

Q: Which eye shadows help compliment certain eye colors?
A: Most eye colors look best with colors that are from the naturals family which is why I make them so often. Beige, gold, creams, bronzes, gun metals and blacks really make the eyes pop and you can go from natural to super natural (as in mesmerizing) by simply applying product more intensely and lining the eyes, then smoking the liners and shadows. Adding black in the upper and lower outer corners just makes any eye look incredible.

Q: Do I need a moisturizer? Which ones do you prefer?
A: I love the Elastin Collagen Cream. It is incredible and very moisturizing, especially if you have dry skin.

Q: What products work well for dry skin?
A: Alpha Hydroxy Skin Cleanser, Elastin Collagen cream, chamomile eye makeup remover, freshening facial tonic, Silk Purrfection make up primer, Skin double foundation, and all of our powder and bronzer products.

Q: Is it important to remove my make up at the end of the day?
A: Yes, yes and yes again. It is very important to let your skin breathe and let your pores have a break.

Q: Do any of your products contain any types of SPF?
A: No. I am not a fan of SPF because of the information that is coming out, and I personally have a bad reaction to it. It also happens to be another ingredient people have strong allergic reactions to.

Q: Does Cat Cosmetics test on animals?
A: No way!

Q: Are your products hypo-allergenic?
A: No cosmetics in the world are guaranteed to be allergy free, but since fragrances are at the top of the list to cause allergic reactions, I do not use fragrances. In 12 years, we have had zero compaints about allergies from our products.

Q: What are the ingredients of your products?
A: You can find that information by looking in the ingredients section, or by clicking here.

Q: Is your makeup and skincare line safe for all skin types?
A: Again, no cosmetics are allergy free but we use the most gentle ingredients for effective and safe skin care. There are no fragrances in our holistic skin care line as well.

Q: Are any of your products waterproof?
A: I do not condone waterproof mascara because I personally do not feel it is good for your lashes. My cosmetics are built for professional use and therefore withstand heat and long hours with excellence.

Q: If my skin is mature and aging, will your products work well for me?
A: You have hit the mother-load for products that are more than excellent for mature or aging skin.