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"You enter into a certain amount of madness when you marry a person with pets." -Nora Ephron

As some of you know, I live on a ranch. I have seen this vision for myself since I was a little girl. How it came to be, as my longest time friend Dawn Morris says, "Is sort of a Highway to Heaven through Hollywood." And as my dear friend Stephanie Loyd says, "a blessing will chase you down."

Even though I have always lived in big cities, I have raised many animals, even in Manhattan, where we had 3 dogs and 5 cats in an apartment. My dream of living on a ranch may have had to wait until later in my life when I met my husband Todd, but I’m glad it waited until I was ready for it.

God’s timing is impeccable.

Now that I live on a ranch, animals who need help seem to find me. I found my goose Buddy Boo as a hatchling on the side of the road, and he has grown up to be a magnificent bird with a family of his own and who has never left us.

Four weeks ago, one of my chickens was attacked by a pair of dogs and nearly died if not for the wonderful surgeon who put her back together with  stainless surgical steel rods, screws and stitches. She is now my bionic chicken, and has crossed over four states in a motorhome with us this Summer, and next we will go on my tour, me and my little chick-a-dee. Her favorite place is in my arms and truth be told, she is quite a good kisser.

Unfortunately, airlines will not allow my chick and me to fly, so I now will drive across the country so she can be with me. She makes me feel happy, she and I have become attached to each other.

I know she can never go back to the chicken coop, she is too much like a person, but that’s okay because I am committed to her for her life, and she is an easy pet. I never knew chickens were so smart or affectionate. They are easier than a cat or dog as far as feeding (they eat what we do) and as a bonus, you get a fresh egg every day. Now if I could just teach her to cook it, I’d really be set.

And what is it that makes me so happy? Why, it’s simple.


She loves me, and I love her.

Love is love. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man, woman, child, or chicken. When we commit ourselves to love, the world becomes a magical place. The lens through which we look at life is more gentle and beautiful.

Whether we fall in love with another being or ourselves, love is everything.

So if you’re lonely, get a chicken.

Have a Happy Fourth, and remember, I love you!

Cat… and Chicken,



Thank you so much for the specials that you run, also I cannot believe how fast they arrive…I also look forward to this blog, my Dad raised chickens along with any animals he could get his hands on. I have been enjoying your products since seeing on QVC, But really I watched that because I was a fan from OLTL, miss that so much…… Will be looking forward to next month. XOXO Linda

Flo DiBona
Flo DiBona

Love is the answer as someone very wise once said. Whenever someone finds love it is both a miracle and a blessing for all the world. When they share their love with others as you do Cat, it spreads that love out to the universe exponentially. The more you love the more love there is in this world. There is an abundance when we experience it, recognize how blessed we are to have it, and share it. Bless you sweet Cat … and chicken. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for finding your love and your bliss with Todd and sharing that love and bliss so generously with all of us. xoxoxo

Big Kat
Big Kat

Happy 4th of July, Cat,
Do you remember your first pet? I believe he was named Pepe.
He was a little…skunk. You would put him by the pool, but because his head was smaller
than his neck he would get out of his collar and wonder to the neighbors, especially one
woman or was it the twins, and she/they would watch him until you went to get him.
Sadly one day, someone walked away with him. They thought they saw a young man carrying him on his shoulders You were young but handled it pretty well. I know we asked several men if they had seen him but no one claimed to have seen him.
Happy to see you so happy!
(PS I now have 4 indoor and 5 out door cars. Love them all)
PPS Mexi, the poodle was my first pet and you and Nancy taught her to shake hands, and to sit. You were a natural. (When you were four years old, I said you were going to be an
actress because if I would say, “Cathy, can you give me a tear?” You would pucker up and one tear would roll down your cheek. I watched a Knight Rider episode that you were in and you looked back as you were driving away and one tear rolled down your cheek and I said, “there’s that tear!”
Big hugs and love always,

Janice Combs
Janice Combs

What a nice story about the goose and chicken. My husband always gets mad if I pick up strays off the road. We have 5 cats, four of which are strays. One Sunday last summer as we were going to church I saw a huge mud turtle (at least that’s what we call them in NC) trying to cross the road. I made him pull over and in his Sunday clothes he moved the turtle to the other side of the road. He came back to the car and said “he peed on me, I hope you are happy” I was, he wasn’t and so was Mr. Turtle.

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