Live Your Life Wide Awake

Written By Catherine Hickland - June 04 2013


Don Spencer
June 05 2013

Great story Cat…. the road of life is filled with potholes of despair and then there are the times we are blessed to share the bumps of hope that we can be a participant in to lift one up higher and higher. This is what trance is all about.. and you were there ;-)
Keep on trancin’

Flo DiBona
June 05 2013

Thank you so much for this inspirational blog, Cat. The human spirit is so incredibly powerful! Cameron is a true inspiration!

Sarah Jordan
June 05 2013

What an inspiring and impressive young man. Thank you for sharing his story and reminding all of us that life is what we choose to make of it!

Mona Jean Quinlan
June 05 2013

WOW What an inspiration!!!!

Helen Japengsa
June 04 2013

what a heartening story. Rising above tragedy takes enormous courage and Cameron proves it can be done. I wonder ~ did hypnosis play a part in his new life?

Carol L. Gonzalez
June 04 2013

It is amazing how the human spirit can persevere. If his testimony can stop one person from messing up their lives due to alcohol and/or drug abuse…God bless him as he continues on his journey and I hope his dream of marriage comes to fruition sooner rather than later.

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