"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." -Albert Einstein

Some of you may remember, last year I wrote a blog about discovering that my Great Aunt (whom I thought to be long gone) was in fact very much alive and living three miles away from where I was performing at the Delaware State Fair.

It was a stunning moment for me because prior to that I had never even been to Delaware. My grandmother (Gram) for the most part raised me for the most influential years of my life, and had passed away almost 3 decades ago. I think of her often, but on the flight to DE she was especially heavy on my mind. I remembered that she was from somewhere in that part of the country, I just never really knew where. I remembered her sisters coming to Florida to visit her, and how very nice they were. I especially took to my Great Aunt Christina, because she had such a grace, kindness, and peace to her that was undeniable to my spirit.

I was always a sensitive child, and by that, I mean I was sensitive to others. I had incredible intuition, as most children do until a certain age, and still to this day have a super-keen sense about people, which is probably why I gravitated to the work I do.

When Gram and her sister, Aunt Christina, entered my consciousness on the flight to Delaware, I began to think of all of the unanswered questions that I would never get the answers to because there was no one left who could give them to me.

My intuition began to buzz.

To say that I had a weird childhood would be putting it mildly. However, when you're a kid, you don't really know weird from normal, because all you know is what you know.

Without going into a long (very long) story, suffice it to say that I lost my Dad in a very strange way, within a set of bizarre circumstances. Shortly after that, my Gram passed away as well. No one so much as let me know about funeral or memorial arrangements for my Gram, or my Dad.  

It really bothered me that I had no idea whatsoever if they were buried somewhere with any kind of headstone or had just been out in a box and forgotten forever. Twenty eight years of wondering about this had bothered me so much, I knew I had to let it go, or go mad.

During my run at the Delaware State Fair, I received a call at the fair grounds from a wonderful lady named Bev, who informed me that she had been friends with my Great Aunt (Gram's sister) in Delaware. She had seen in the newspaper that I was performing and decided she would reach out to me. I told her how happy I was to get the call, as I had been thinking about Aunt Christina and wondered when she passed away. To my astonishment, she informed me that my Great Aunt was still very much alive and lived only a few miles away from my hotel and the fairgrounds. She informed me that Aunt Christina was 98 years old and sharp as a tack.

I was stunned. I had not seen her since 1973.

Our reunion was one of the most genuine emotional moments I had ever experienced in my life.

That was 2012.

This month, when I arrived for my second year of performances at the DESF for 2013, I could hardly wait to see Aunt Christina again, and now she is 99!

I had the sweetest time with her. Like me, she is a night owl and doesn't go to sleep until well after midnight, so I went to her house one night after my last show so that we could be alone and just be girls together.

It was a private time where I could ask her about Gram, and my Dad, to see if she knew anything about where their remains or ashes were, as well as the details of Grams last days , which had been a complete mystery to me.

In intimate detail, I found out more than I could have ever imagined.

I also found out that they had been buried together at a cemetery in Florida. That very night, with an internet search, I was able to find out exactly where and ordered photos of their headstones. I finally had closure to 25 years of unanswered grief. What an incredible gift, from such an unlikely source! I pray that I will see my Aunt Christina next year when I go back to Delaware and celebrate her 100th Birthday.

She is just beautiful.

Why did I share this story? Because I feel that coincidence is a way to let us know that we are where we're supposed to be when we are supposed to be there.

I was booked in my Gram's hometown. Out of all the cities in this big country, I was booked there. I thought about Gram and her sister on the flight there.

Then I got the call of a lifetime.

Pay attention to things that happen "coincidentally." Notice them, and instead of shrugging them off, take the moment to write them all down, as they may well connect the dots to an important message you should be receiving. A guide, or map, to exactly what you need.

Sometimes they give us the very important answers we have been looking for. And sometimes, they can even lead us to pure love.

Happy August Everyone!

Make it a great month!




AMAZING!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!
What a beautiful story – serendipity at it’s best!
Have a pretty day!

Pat Weber
Pat Weber

I am so glad you "found " your Aunt. My special Aunt passed away a year ago but she left me her most prized possession—-a house at the Jersey shore, which was severly damaged in Sandy, I always feel so close to her when we are there working on the house and someday we will live there all the time. I know she will be there with us. Treasure the family you have while they are still with us!!!! Love hearing from you!!!!


Cat, I always love reading your stories. I’m so happy for you that you got to reconnect to your great aunt. Family is more important than anything in this life. You are a beautiful soul! Love, Jeanie

Kathy Knoles
Kathy Knoles

What a wonderful story. Thanks so much for sharing and for the lesson about coincidences.


That story had such an impact on my life . Thank you

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