Written By Catherine Hickland - August 01 2013


September 09 2013

AMAZING!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!
What a beautiful story – serendipity at it’s best!
Have a pretty day!

Pat Weber
August 17 2013

I am so glad you "found " your Aunt. My special Aunt passed away a year ago but she left me her most prized possession—-a house at the Jersey shore, which was severly damaged in Sandy, I always feel so close to her when we are there working on the house and someday we will live there all the time. I know she will be there with us. Treasure the family you have while they are still with us!!!! Love hearing from you!!!!

August 05 2013

Cat, I always love reading your stories. I’m so happy for you that you got to reconnect to your great aunt. Family is more important than anything in this life. You are a beautiful soul! Love, Jeanie

Kathy Knoles
August 04 2013

What a wonderful story. Thanks so much for sharing and for the lesson about coincidences.

August 03 2013

That story had such an impact on my life . Thank you

Carol L. Gonzalez
August 03 2013

God definitely had His hand in this-and felt it was the right time for you to have answers to questions. I hope this brought a lot of peace to your heart.

Patricia Treadway
August 03 2013

Thanks for sharing that beautiful story. I will take it to heart and try to be more aware. I know there is a reason for everything but our lives are so hectic that we just seem to let go. Thanks for that reminder XOXO Pat

August 03 2013

WOW!! That is one of the greatest - happy ending – stories I’ve ever read – thank you so much for sharing -- absolutely beautiful!

Sheilah Lowe
August 03 2013

Wow, what a story. I was adopted and always wonder about my origins. So happy you were able to find peace in dealing with the questions of many years being answered.

August 03 2013

What a wonderful story! I love the pic of you and your aunt…two beautiful women! I’m so happy that you have closure. God works in many wonderful ways:)

Kathleen Van Wagner
August 03 2013

Dear Cat,
Your Father would have been 93 this year. Christina must be one of the youngest sisters
of Sara.I remember one who visited Sara and sat on her porch,preparing beans or something but she was older even then.. Were your dad and Sara buried where your grandfather was buried? Were they all buried in Ft. Lauderdale? I often wondered what happened to Art also.I had a dental appointment with him the morning after he died.I had driven from Tampa and was going to stay with my Mother. I called him but his wife said he was in the hospital. I kept thinking I wanted to go see him but it was late and back then they closed hospitals to visitors at 8:00 I think. I found an old lab coat in my closet (at Mother’s from when I was a dental assistant) and thought maybe I could sneak into the hospital and see him. I kept having the feeling that I should try to go see him.I knew he had always been concerned that he would die of angina, like his father did, But, I decided to wait until morning. I called the hospital very early, but they asked if I was family and I said a very close friend. They said I should call his family, I knew what that meant. I was so sad and wished I had gone to the hospital. He told me twice about seeing spirits leave a body and I felt like he was calling me. When he was a very young, little boy, he said he was playing in his room and he saw the lady next door swirl around the room and told him she died. He ran to tell his mother and her friend, that the lady next door died. He said they said no,she was fine. But, he insisted, so they went to her door and found her dead. The other time was when he was in dental school. They were doing dental surgery on a man who was under anesthesia.He said he saw his spirit leave his body and he quietly told the surgeon and others that he had died. They said no way, because the equipment still showed him alive. Seconds later they realized he had died. So, maybe that is where you get some of your intuitive powers.
He always said he loved his father, so I hope he is buried near him.

August 03 2013

What a beautiful story. God always has a plan, what an Awesome God glad you got the message,and acted on instinct. Your special story had me in happy tears !!xoLida

August 03 2013

Dearest Kat, I live in De. And you would have been the only reason to go to the fair… That really is a wonderful story, and I believe as you do. There is a reason for every season in our life…. That being said is there anyway to get on an email list of where you will be? Thank you, Linda

Barbara Nardo
August 03 2013

What a beautiful and heartfelt story.

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