What Can Be Learned From The Travis Alexander Tragedy

Written By Catherine Hickland - May 09 2013


June 05 2013

Cat..bravo sister…magnificent insight…and right on!!!…too many lessons learned in the wake of jodi arias trial..sadly travis losing his precious life at the hands of that monster..i am sharing what you have so beautifully written with my sons and all of my besties..you are beautiful and pure of spirit…thank you..K.

May 25 2013

Cat, your writing and insight is impossible to stop reading. In a slightly different order than you wrote, I’ve created an acronym for this inspiration/lesson that should be easy to remember for, both, ourselves and when with our friends: Listen End Leave Over (LELO)

My belief is that our “gut” is God or whomever/whatever your Higher Power. A little over a year ago, I read a Bible verse at a no-better-than-perfect time for me and recite it daily now (often several times ;~D) changing you/me to I: “In righteousness I shall be established; I shall be far from oppression, for I shall not fear; and from terror, for it shall not come near me.” Isaiah 54:14 Whether you believe in God or the Bible or not, that statement alone is empowering!

To everyone in any kind of questionable relationship, LELO!

May 21 2013

Thanks Cat. Very informative. I have a 27 year old daughter and I have to remind her to be aware of several of the tips u mentioned. I am going to order ur book for her asap.

May 11 2013

Thank you for that great share….

May 11 2013

Oh, Cat I too got totally wrapped up in this particular trial! I was fearful that this jury would be as incompetent as the Casey Anthony jury, but thank the Lord, they got it right! Your thoughts above are so true and I hope every person takes heed in the fact that there are monsters among us, monsters who will do us harm! I so wish that Travis had listened to his friends that saw Jodi for exactly what she is! Thank you Cat for sharing your thoughts, and your words of wisdom.

May 11 2013

Wow—-I found out the hard way and you are so accurate in everything you wrote.

May 09 2013

Sometimes it is much harder to detect evil or whatever you want to call it because disturbed people can be very good actors…look at Ariel Castro. For 10 years he had those poor women locked up in his house (in a populated city) and his neighbors, co-workers and even his own family never suspected something was very wrong with him.

Jen Golden
May 09 2013

I’ve been blessed with the same great guy since I was 21 and I’m now 45, but have seen monsters like you describe here come and go in the lives of people I care about. You can also apply these lessons to a non-romantic partner, friend, sister, etc. If the suit fits certain folks, then run for the hills! This is a great article. I’m going to bookmark it for my 7 yo daughter to share with her someday.

Tara Nicholas
May 09 2013

OMG Cat, you just explained my last 3 relationships (including 1 marriage in there).. I sure learned a hard lesson…One that I will never repeat again..

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