Cats May Inspiration - Perspective

"Sometimes the only thing we can change is our perspective."
-Yours truly

Today was a weird day.

It started out with a strange turn of events on a business matter before I even left the house at 8:00AM… I then went to the airport for what should have been a breeze of an early, non-stop flight to Texas.

Upon arrival, I spotted hundreds of people in line. The building to the airport was closed to because the lines inside were even worse.

Even though I was two hours early, I (and a few hundred other people) missed my flight and could not get on the next flight’s standby because every flight was over sold.

My luggage was on that stand-by flight, so I waved goodbye to it from the window and pouted. Not a pretty look for me.

My cell phone went dead in the middle of all this, and I bought a pricey (everything is pricey in airports) charger before entering security that ended up not working, and, because I had already gone through security, I couldn't go back and return it.

AAARRRRRRGH! Calgon! Take me away!

I could go on with this list of nonsense but I think that’s enough; you get the picture.

At each and every turn, I was feeling frustrated, I wanted it to change, but I was not in control of any of it. As my frustration grew, I stepped outside of myself and took a look at the situation as if I was watching a movie. The movie of my life, today.

As I watched everyone, and I mean everyone around me spinning out of control and yelling at the airline skycaps and anyone else who would listen, I took stock in what my temper would net me.

I have learned that getting in a persons face does not get me very far, so I did what I would tell anyone else to do to maintain their sanity: take a nice deep breath and remain calm.

It was obvious that the Universe was in a full tilt, or, as I like to say, the moon was in asparagus and the bread was rising.

Sometimes a screwy day feels personal, but it’s not. It just is what it is: a weird day. Once I took that breath, and let go of the notion that I was going to be able to change any of it, I let go of the frustration and pissy way I felt.

Yes, I was frustrated and angry, so I allowed myself to feel the anger and frustration, decided it wasn’t a good look for me, and let it go.

Am I hungry? No. Am I homeless? No. Did I wake up today with everything working? Yes. Perspective. Perspective. Perspective.

Praise God, I have learned to look at what’s right.

So, I told the bad feelings to get lost and put a smile on my face. Smiling made me feel better. I was nicer and so the people I dealt with appreciated that and as a result were nicer to me as well.

Suddenly, I looked like a light in a sea of darkness.

Within five or six hours I was finally able to get on another flight, I got the very last seat, a miracle, considering hundreds of people were waiting on standby, just like me. It wasn’t nonstop as my original was, but so what? I’ve always wanted to visit Austin, Texas and for a few hours, I will be in the Austin airport, then on to Houston, the city that was waiting for me with open arms.

There are things we can control and things we can not. Learning the difference is the key to happiness. Trying to force a day to change is futile. The only thing you can change is your attitude towards it.

What are you focusing on, the problems or the solutions? When a day is going cockeyed, and you can’t change it, get in the flow with it. Feel your feelings and let go. Your anger isn’t going to change things, it’s going to make you sick. The doctor’s offices are full of people with illnesses created from constant anger and resentment. Don’t be one of them.

Tell yourself the truth of it… It is what it is, so, how can I make myself more comfortable with what is?

Take a deep breath…
Remind yourself what’s right with your life today…
Say, “and so what?”
Smile at someone…
Let it go…

It will change, because you do.

Make it a great day, friends!

With Infinite Love,



You are inspirational. Today I watched the Y&R tribute to Jeanne Cooper. It made me reflect on the day-time actors which have graced my life on and off over the past twenty something years. They have brought awareness of social issues and pushed boundaries. I carry an inquisitive nature and often look at the person playing the character and observe what life lessons they teach as well. It is nice to see such optimism and wise action prevail during your difficult day. It serves as a reminder to me as difficult days arise and come to pass with as much frequency as the days of bliss and feeling sympatic with the universe. You remind me to engage patience, cheer, and yes, smiling does work miracles for those around us who may also be feeling stressed by life. XXOO


I love your wisdom. I recently became ill and have vertigo. I have been in bed for weeks and at first was so angry and felt sorry for myself. Then a quiet voice inside me said “everything has a purpose…stay calm and look for the lesson”. I remembered your website and today looked it up…here I am now reading your inspirational news letters and receiving wisdom from the universe.

Sometimes when we don’t take the time to be quiet and listen situations arise and make us stop because the universe has something to tell us. I am sure on your trip it was very frustrating but I am also sure that you met people that you would not have met and saw things you would not have seen if your day had gone as planned. I wonder how many people were affected by you and how many people you affected that day. I know as a result of your experience I have just learned something about being calm and acceptance.

When you have a “weird” day…stop and listen because the universe has something to show you. Be grateful for these moments and the lessons that unfold.

Catherine, thank you for sharing your inspirations with us.
Love and light,


Great post! Must have been out of kiltier universe I had a horrid day as well. I love your positivity and am going to try harder to follow in your footsteps! You are an inspiration.

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