Cats April Inspiration - The Wise One

I believe that inside each of us is a wise one. Either we are in touch with our wise one or we are denying our wise one.

We are either feeding or starving our spirit and when we are starving it, it shrinks to the point of disappearing and we become all too human. This is when we begin to experience fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and the feeling of hopelessness can set in.

How can anything good happen for us if we are in this state? How would we even know?

I believe the answers we seek are already inside of us. When we make a real effort to quiet the tapes that play over and over in our head, we might just be able to feel our spirit; we will get to actually hear and sense the answers we need.

Taking the quiet time for yourself at the beginning of each day to get your spiritual armor on is so important. How can you hear your wise one when the noise in your head is so loud?

How do we meet our wise one?

Just for an experiment, I would like you to get a nice candle, one that’s already in a glass or jar. Plan the next day to spend a quiet 10 minutes with yourself, maybe after everyone leaves the house for the day, or, get up before everyone else, but do your best to make that time you choose to be uninterrupted.

If you drink coffee or tea, make that for yourself and bring it into your sacred space. Light your candle. Sit in front of it and stare at the flame. You don’t have to be close to it, but allow yourself to focus on the flame and let it relax you. Clear your mind. When your eyes begin to get heavy, allow them to close down and as you do, take a nice deep breath and let it out slowly. If a thought enters your mind, just let it pass through, and allow yourself to relax your shoulders, your neck, and feel the peace of being alone with yourself.

Once you feel peace, call upon your wise one, and ask the question you want the answer or solution to. If it’s a goal, allow yourself to see the big picture of what you are seeking. Pray for answers, pray for clear signs, and for the wisdom and patience to see, hear, or feel them.

Continue to relax as your eyes are closed and focus on the quiet. Within a few minutes, allow your eyes to pop open when they want to, and take a pen and paper and allow yourself to begin writing.

You may find that the pen seems to write on it's own, but it’s just your relaxed mind, allowing unfettered, free floating thoughts to come to you.

This is what happens when you consciously relax your mind and focus on your inner quiet and peace. You may find that you write a lot, or maybe a little.

Allow that pen to write as long as possible. Take another nice deep breath, exhale, and say “thank you.” You can choose to say a little prayer or not, whatever you are feeling. You can put the pen down and come back and read it later. That’s what I always do.

It may seem like someone else wrote it, but it’s just your subconscious talking to you. Your subconscious is the purest part of you, and holds many answers. Until we learn to get quiet within ourselves for at least a few minutes a day, it is hard to hear what to do next.

I believe that every problem has a solution if we can get out of our own way long enough to figure it out. With jobs, kids, schedules, husbands, wives, family, friends, bosses, and cell phones connected to us 24/7, we never get a quiet moment to ourselves and can often go weeks and even months without a sense of real peace.

No wonder more than seventy percent of Americans have trouble sleeping.

Please do this, and be faithful to it for at least a week. I know it’s not easy to get that uninterrupted time, but if you need to, ask for it. I promise it will be worth it. If not for you… then, who?

When Mama’s happy, the world is a better place.

Love For Sure,

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