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"I walk down the street. There is a hole. 
I don't see it. 
I fall in. 
It isn't my fault.
 It takes a very long time to get out.

I walk down the same street.
 There is still a deep hole. 
I pretend not to see it. 
I fall in.
 I pretend it's still not my fault.
 It takes a long time to get out.

I walk down the same street.
 There is still the same deep hole.
 I see it. 
I fall in anyway.
 It's a habit. 
I get out quicker this time.

I walk down the same street.
 There is a deep hole.
 I see it.
 I walk around it.
 I don't fall in.

I walk down a different street."

-Portia Nelson

Hello Friends,

Greetings from my honeymoon (I was married on December 22nd)… I intend to stay on a lifelong honeymoon! I know it can be so because my husband feels the same way. We are in agreement. I have come a long way in my intimate life, my emotional intelligence. It has been joyful work, and worth every second.

I hope you all had the happiest of holidays, and that you’re excited about ringing in a brand new year. No matter what has transpired in 2012, 2013 could be a year of renewal, a year of manifesting your dream life, and for those of you who are single, the year you attract the love you want.

At our wedding, it was interesting how many of our friends expressed a strong desire to find the person to spend their lives with. Each time someone said it, I was amazed that it was within seconds of another guest having expressed the same thing.

Lately, it seems that people are not afraid to "put it out there," and that is fantastic, because putting it out there is half the equation. The other half is about knowing what you want, being clear about what you want and what your intentions are.

This goes for everything, not just romance and relationships.

I sat with a friend a few days before our wedding and she expressed her strong desire to find her life’s partner; but she was so vague and unclear about what she wanted in a partner, that she attracted a partner who was not right for her. Specificity is everything in manifesting. Claiming and declaring needs to be pin-point specific.

Let me explain what I mean.

My friend said she wanted to find her life’s partner. I asked what that looked like. She sat there with a blank expression. What did I mean? Well, I want to know what he looks like, what does he smell like, what he acts like, how he speaks to you, how you feel when you are with him, and how he treats you. This caused her to do some serious thinking.

Enter the notebook. This is for writing all of these things down, and changing them if need be. Using your highest imagination is everything in manifesting. I want you to imagine what you want so thoroughly, that you can feel what you are imagining as if it is already happening to you. Saying thank you for it in advance is not only showing your gratitude for what you have, but what you’ve been through to learn about what you now want and need, and what is coming to you.

Act as if. As if it is already here.

Now here’s a component not many people speak about: you must be ready and prepared for that which you are imagining for yourself. Be what you want in another person. You can’t just wish for something and not be what you are wishing for. This is where it get’s tricky so I have a system that helps you to be ready. You must be well enough emotionally to receive a person who is wired right.

So I ask…

What’s your sign?

Every one of us has an invisible sign that hangs around their neck. It states what you have accumulated and become from not knowing how to shine a bright light on your hurts and damages from life’s past experiences. Smart, evolved people can read these signs, invisible or not. Smart, evolved people want to be with other smart evolved people.

Unfortunately, emotional vampires can also read invisible signs and use it to their wicked advantage. I tell you this not to scare you, but to awaken you, to show you that it is your own responsibility to know what the sign around your neck says.

Some signs will say "needy, please don’t hurt me, I don’t trust anyone," while others signs say, "evolved, too smart for fools, I am loved, I forgive myself, I am ready to receive the good now!"

My sign was "I trust no one" and I discovered when I took the time to learn to trust myself and my own judgement, then I wouldn’t have to mistrust. My knower would know. My emotions would not rule me. I would not be clouded by emotional judgement, but conventional wisdom and common sense.

I had to take full responsibility that my picker and knower were broken, and until I went off to heal the broken places within myself, that the chances of choosing any better would only bring me more of the same.

Another girl, who came to me for a session looking to find her Mr. Right had focused on where she was going to go on her honeymoon, and her wedding details, but when I pressed her, she said not a word about the groom. Hence, 2012 came and went without a relationship let alone a prospect. She was focused on a fantasy, not a dream. Not a goal, not what’s important. Not what lasts.

She didn’t know what she didn’t know.

After an hour with me, I guarantee, you’ll know something.

So the first thing I want you to focus on is yourself. Put some effort into knowing what the sign around your neck says. When I work with clients, this is the first thing I do. It’s always amazing to me how fast people come up with their signs, especially when they are open to wanting to change for the better, to attract like. As the saying goes, like attracts like. If what you have to offer someone is needy love, you will attract a needy emotional vampire. If you work to be the whole you, the smart you, the fulfilled you, the complete you, then imagine the possibilities.

First you must ask:

Who am I?
What do I want, exactly?
What does it move like?
What does it feel like?
How am I when I am living this dream?

As we begin 2013, get a dedicated notebook or journal for your manifesting. Every month we will be exploring tapping into the faith and energy to change your life.

I am so grateful for all of you in 2012. Let’s make 2013 an incredible year of faith, hope, renewal, rebirth, and turn things around for our good.

Love For Sure,
Mrs. Fisher (or as Todd calls me, Kitty Fish)



Congratulations to such a beautiful & happy couple!! (sorry, this is late) I don’t think there is anyone else who is as beautiful on the inside and outside as you! I love all of your inspirations. I look forward to them every month. You truly are one of a kind and I am so thankful for you. Bless your heart.

Christine Bock
Christine Bock

Congratulations Catherine…it is wonderful seeing you happy again. I am glad you made the journey and figured out what it was you needed to heal. I too have followed your career for a long time and joined you on this site for many of my beauty needs since the inception of Cat Cosmetics. You are an inspiring woman and the world is happier, and prettier, having had you in it. When I first saw the news, I wondered if you were going to go by the name “Cat Fisher”, but laughed when I heard myself say it out loud. I think Catherine will work better. Guess this means you will be sharing more advice from Debbie Reynolds with us in the future too. That is awesome since she is a strong, smart beautiful woman too. Wishing all of you only the best.

Maureen  McCabe
Maureen McCabe

I am so happy for both of you. This is rich, exciting news. I have followed your journey Cat as you have helped me with mine. I am sending you happy, joyful, wonderful thoughts full of love. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. Many blessings to you.


Congratulations! You both look beautiful and so happy. “Kitty Fish” is an awesome endearment. Thank you for your Inspirations and for this lesson on “who do you want” or more importantly, “who am I”. Wishing you many wonderful years of happiness!


Congratulations! You look so radiant in your wedding picture, you can tell that God has blessed you with the man of your dreams (Todd). I wish you and Todd a happy, healthy life together. I wanted to say that I met you in New York at your Cat Cosmetics store and you were so friendly to me and my husband, I never forgot that. Then I saw you again years ago at Hunt Valley, Maryland where you came for Soap Weekend. My cousin (who since has passed away) was a state tropper and your security person for the event. He told me how pretty you were and very nice. God Bless You.

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