Cats December Inspiration {Expect A Miralce}

Written By Catherine Hickland - December 01 2012


December 06 2012

I too love reading ur monthly inspirations.Any one who goes for a stroll with a goose is my kind of person. Will Boody Boo and Yippie attend ur upcoming wedding? Please post pics. Bye

Rose Marie Centofanti
December 03 2012

I absolutely love your monthly inspirations Cat, and still miss OLTL and seeing you on a regular basis.!!

I agree we need to expect more miracles in life!!

Happy Holidays!!

Rose Marie Centofanti, Chicago, IL

Cindi Davis Osowski
December 01 2012

I so agree with your comment : “the mutual respect, the communication, the partnership, the admiration and gratitude, not to mention a common goal is the key to the success of these relationships.” I met my husband on an Internet dating site. We come from really different backgrounds; but we have these elements in our relationship. I think people make mistakes by looking for external instead of internal qualities. Wishing you and Todd many many years of happiness together. Cindi O.

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