A Special Thanksgiving Note, For You

As we give thanks for what we have and all that is coming, I just want to tell you all, how much I am thankful for you.

2012 has been a year of big changes for many people, not all of them pleasant and some downright challenging to our very core.

I know that when I am forced to change something in my life, even if I don’t want it, I have at last learned to let go and let God, because I know his timing and reasoning for things are for my highest good, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

I have two choices to make - move into acceptance and make friends with the change while I ride the wave to see where it takes me, or, I can fight it and be in angst and anxiety by my own doing.

This Thanksgiving, I am choosing to surrender (not give up, just surrender) to the things that are happening, so I can get calm and make a plan.

The choices we make while in chaos need to be the wisest choices we make. Getting calm and clear in the face of adversity or hard times is the biggest gift we can give ourselves.

While Cat Cosmetics has made the transition from the East Coast out to the far West, I am thankful for all of you, and the patience you have shown us and of course, the continued support.

It has been a gargantuan effort to move a company this size, while catching up with modern technology like a new website and all that goes with it.

There have been times where I wondered if I could go on. I am glad I did.

Josh, Lupe, and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I am thankful for the ability to continue owning a small business and keeping people employed, and I hope the changes will allow me to employ even more people in the future.

It is because of you that this is possible, and for that, I am truly thankful.

Enjoy your holiday, and share the peace.

Make it a loving one!

I love you,
Cat XO 


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