Cat's November Inspiration {A new year is coming, child!}

Written By Catherine Hickland - November 02 2012


December 06 2012

Since you’ve been in the entertainment industry and you’ve probably run into these sort of people often…What happens when someone has charisma and is attractive (and vain), but treats their closest family members badly (since childhood)? And then when folks ask that “beautiful” person why they’re not close to their birth family, you find out that they’ve been lying to everyone and placing the blame on their non-celebrity family members. These family members aren’t around to tell the full true story. Charismatic people are often good at masking the truth. Aside from creating a newsletter to send out to the world to combat the untruths, it’s a very difficult thing to bear. First you had to bear all the demeaning behavior this person dished out in your family growing up, and now you have to bear the brunt of their tall tales and fabrications. My advice is to be careful when listening to someone describe so called toxic people in their lives until you hear the story from both sides of the fence.

Rhonda Crenshaw
December 05 2012

I so get what you are saying. I had been living this situation in my own life for way to long. If it is family you are dealing with it is very hard to let them sink or swim. For me it is my youngest brother. I love him but he is so angry at the world and he takes it out on the people closest to him. My husband and I finally put our foot down and told him he would have to move out of our home. He was being a bully and I just could not take it anymore. To our surprise he has been doing OK, and he has come back to help me with home repair projects, and other things and it has been a much better situation for everyone. I think fear and low self esteem are his biggest demons. He tries to make himself feel better by making everyone else feel bad.

Rose Monillas
November 16 2012

Amen! Thank you Cat for your inspiration and some really great products. Cheers to 2013!

Sandy Schneider
November 13 2012

As always, THANKYOU THANKYOU Cat for your incredible words. I wish I could meet you someday! I do so admire you. Your words leave me feeling full of hope, love & inspiration. You are an amazing human being!

November 09 2012

Cat thank-you for this post. I shared the link with a group of my friends and most of them said they currently have a toxic person in their life and had no idea! Many of them said thanks so much and that your post has really helped them realize that all the crazy/negative/confused feelings are not their fault but there IS something they can do about it!

November 08 2012

Thank you Cat for your inspiring words! With all the hatred on Facebook over this election, this is much appreciated! Love you!! Sure makes me happy to see you so happy!

November 07 2012

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this, Cat~ Thanks for your inspiring words. XOXO

November 03 2012

Thank you for your words of inspiration.

My daughter is living with her EXhusband. She has been with him now a little over a year. Because they have a 7 year old son, she thought it was worth the try. However, I can tell you this man, is not worth it. She wants to get away from him, but right now it isn’t financially possible. Please pray for her. She has a decent job. She has been going to therapy. She is trying. I wish I could help her more financially, but her father and I are not able to help her as much as we would like to. Her home she owns is rented out until July. It’s not paid for yet. She would like to get back into her house as soon as she can. She can come stay with us until then. We only have one bedroom available for her and my grandson. I think she feels she will be imposing on us. So she just keeps trying to stay with him as long as possible. He is a very negative person. If you would please just pray for her. I would so appreciate it. I have always felt like you were such a spiritial person. I’ve followed you on OLTL for years. I really respect and admire you.

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