Cat's October Inspiration. {People, Love.}

Greetings from my 2012 Comedy Hypnosis Tour.

I write this from West Springfield, MA, where I am performing at the astonishingly beautiful The Big E Fair. I have been so blessed with such great audiences, and being able to meet so many people whom I have spent many years with via the television; beamed into their living rooms over the past twenty something years.

We knew we were like family but didn’t know how deep a connection we had formed, until One Life To Live was gone and we could not visit anymore on a regular basis.

Lots of happy tears have taken place here. This is why I love touring so much.

I’m so blessed. Day after day, show after show, I get to love on, and be loved on, by so many incredible people. I am truly happy that I chose a profession where I could connect to people on a level that is deeper than I ever imagined.

This has been quite a ride so far.

Every night I experience real magic. I have made new friends, met many social media friends I only knew by a little picture on my computer, and have entertained and connected with people ranging in ages from 6 to 85!

People love to laugh, love to be together, love to connect, and people love to see something unusual.

People, love.

As I explain in the beginning of the show, “Hypnosis is not something I do to you, it is something we do together.” People always tell me they can’t believe how good they feel after a show, how peaceful they feel (both the audience members as well as the volunteers) and the real magic is, it’s them who make it happen.

It is their mind that takes them there, not mine.

When people stop smoking, lose weight, overcome pain, illness,  find their mojo, choose happiness or sadness, it is their mind that creates it, not mine. I am just the tour guide. The truth is, all they needed was to be shown that their power is within. They have always had the power in them, just like you have the power within you, right now. We were created to be great and powerful beings, whatever that means to us.

Learn what that means to you. You have to be in it to win it.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be paralyzed by our fears. We believe that we must accept what is happening and we just give up from exhaustion, and fright, which go hand in hand.

I have allowed it, many times. I know the feeling all too well.

When I learned a little something about the mind, I refocused my thinking patterns and now prefer to look at it and think about challenges in a different way. I believe we must acknowledge what is happening, and take it from there. Caving in and falling apart is not an option when we must and want to move forward. If we need to, we can take a rest, we can take a break, and put it aside, as long as we are not in denial about what we are doing. The only time we give up is when we are absolutely sure we are done with a feeling, a situation, a relationship, a job, whatever it is, and, be done with it.

It’s hard to move forward from something until we are done.

If we are not done, then we must claim that we are taking a break, and give ourselves a time when we will get back to the solution, then peacefully relax, recharge, regroup and most of all, refresh.

I recently met a man who lost his wife to cancer six years ago and has had a hard time moving forward. He has been living in his grief; he was feeling sad, lonely, and somewhat hopeless.

However, his inner want was to be able to somehow move forward and find love again; this was evident to me. So I took him on a small mental journey to allow his mind to explore the possibilities that are still ahead of him, and then watched his sadness become hope. His mind turned a corner, in an instant. Change is absolute, we will have to experience it many times in this life. Embrace the notion that often it is for the better, even though it may not seem like it at the time.

Changing ourselves and how we think is a different animal.

Change is easy, it happens in an instant. It’s the decision to change that is hard. However, when we have had enough, we will find a way. When we learn to redirect our focus, and then focus on the positives to overcome and rise above the negatives, we will see our lives change for the better. Your mind follows your own direction.

Nothing good can come to us when we have the barrier of fear as our shield. But, being fearless is nonsense, sometimes our fears are there to protect us, that is what intuition is for, and this is healthy. To be taken down by the fears that we manufacture is another thing altogether.  

Remember who you are. Remember whose you are. Notice the words that come out of your mouth, because your mind takes direction beautifully. Eliminate the words try, and can’t from your vocabulary. Replace them with I will, and I can.

Soon, You will start to notice other people’s negative language.

Just these small changes will make a huge difference.

If you need to, take an appointed break from your emotions and RE-FOCUS.

Be aware of your thoughts, and get good with yourself. Remember that you really are not in this alone, and pray for peace and guidance, and then listen in your stillness.

You are loved.

Love always,
Cat XO
October 2012
*Photos by Todd Fisher.


Justin Brockwell
Justin Brockwell

My favorite inspiration so far. I just love how Catherine can word everything so perfectly and purposefully. I am going to start eliminating “try” and “can’t” from my vocabulary and try to readjust my mindset starting today. (This will be a good time to start with the winter coming.) Because of how thought-provoking this inspiration was for me today…I am going to have to blab about this on my blog!!! :-)

Cindy Harris
Cindy Harris

Hi Cat!
Really enjoy your new site and reading your inspirations.

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