Laugh Until You Cry

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In a few weeks, I will be leaving for my Summer Comedy Hypnosis Tour.

 I. Can. Not. Wait.


I love this time of year, because I will be performing over 100 shows, have the opportunity to meet thousands of people (I love people) and best of all, I get to meet and see so many of YOU!


This Summer I will be performing at The Delaware State Fair, (July 23rd-Aug 2nd) The Ohio State Fair Aug 4th-9) and the Illinois State Fair (Aug 13-23rd) If you have never seen a comedy hypnosis show, If you are near, come on down!  You will laugh until you cry, and laughing is very important to our well-being.


It’s true, even if you are in an argument with a loved one, if either of you can get the other to laugh, the game is pretty much over. Laughter heals. It opens lines of communications and eases tension. I had very hurt feeling recently and when I wrote the person, the response I got back was not only sincere, but also truly hilarious. All of my hurt went away, just like that. Gone. Done.

Laughter, leads to love. If you ever ask a comedian why they put themselves through such torture as getting up on a stage alone with the possibility of facing utter rejection by an audience, they will tell you, that when they get that golden feeling of making people laugh, they not only feel loved and validated, but there is such personal satisfaction knowing you made someone forget their problems for a time. It is virtually impossible to laugh and be in fear, or misery, or grief at the same time. So even if you are going through something really hard, ask the funniest people you know to go to dinner with you and get some relief. Or, go to a local comedy club and watch the brave and talented people who get up there to make you howl. Bad news will always wait, grief can wait, and sadness can wait.


One of the reasons You Tube is so popular, is because there are so many funny things to watch. It’s a form of therapy, because to the best of my knowledge, you can’t laugh and feel depressed simultaneously.

I chose the profession I am in because of two things, I can help people, and I can entertain people, sometimes at the same time, and sometimes in very different settings. The mind is an amazing thing. How it works, is my business, and I have dedicated many years to understanding it and how it works. You are, in fact, what you think.

Yes, sometimes people do need chemicals to release serotonin levels to their brain; it is called a chemical imbalance, and is a flaw in chemistry, not in character. Laughing also releases chemicals to your brain, and so, I insist that you do everything you can to go get yourself some good laughs.

You may even be able to clear your head enough to think your way out of a problem. Everything can be changed, fixed or solved; the problem is that we get so involved in our story that we get lost in the bad feelings they have created.   So go see a comic, be with your funny friends (that thing about misery loving company is true, so steer clear of those folks when you’re in a funk) and stop thinking so much. Relax your mind and the body and soul will follow, that’s how the mind works. It’s in control; so pay attention to what you’re thinking about. Learn to manage your emotions so that they don’t manage you. Go to You Tube and type in “comedy hypnosis” or “funny animal videos” and get those dopamine’s up. I promise, the more you practice serving your sense of humor, the less power your hard feelings will have. Remember, what the good witch in The Wizard Of Oz said, “be gone, you have no power here!”

True, that.


Have a great Holiday Weekend, God Bless you!


Happy Fourth of July!


Love for Sure,



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You’ve nailed it. A good sense of humour will ride you through the darkest of storms. Not trivialising when things are tough, but just to help you cope with those rough patches we all go through. The ability to recognise that none of us are perfect, and to be able to see the funny side of your own flaws is a wonderful quality.

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