Easy Does it

Written By Catherine Hickland - August 28 2015


September 04 2015

I think you’re awesome for sharing. I wish women would pull eachother up the ladder instead ofbeing so back biting. We could all do do much better if we lifted eachother up and treated eachother as we would like to be treated.

Bill Neislar
September 02 2015

Are you sure you have ADD? Could it be ADHD? My step-father has ADHD and has the same issues with forgetfulness that you described above, we always thought it was dementia which he also has in addition to bipolarism. He’s 80 years old. If you have ADD or ADHD, you only have it to a small degree…

Debbie Rouse
August 31 2015

Love your honesty. By baring our souls- we empower ourselves! We’re all mortal souls with the strengths and failings of physical beings. What we acknowledge and embrace about ourselves means we are learning to love ourselves for who we are and it also means that we aren’t putting up a false front that we can hide our true selves behind. Believe in yourself-accept who you are & be the best you can be! Then you can stand tall-let no one take that from you.Thanks for this inspiration. l loved it!

Alexandra Harenberg
August 29 2015

There are so many times each and every day where I struggle with my own quirks and problems. At some point, I can snuff out an issue like the flame on a candle, letting it evaporate into a puff of smoke, forgotten and lost on the wind. But on other days, those problems can emerge like bubbles of volcanic lava, and I have a tendency to explode, not by yelling or shouting or pounding my fists…but by screaming and berating myself in my own mind.
I myself have ADD. My parents and relatives recognized it early, and it was for this reason I was never placed in public schools. My mind fires at the speed of light, shooting out ideas, thoughts, concepts, and images in a disorganized and wondrous way. However, what has benefitted me greatly also proved to be my downfall at times. I am hyper sensitive (as you stated in your own text), and am easily annoyed by sounds if I am trying to concentrate. But who isn’t really?
Cat, your words inspire me. I love your blog posts, but this one has moved me more than any of the others thus far. I can relate to everything you have said. I have so many ideas (good and bad) passing through my gray matter every day, and organizing them is like…let’s say I would consider Noah’s job with herding the animals into the ark as being easier than sorting through my thoughts. I will get ideas for projects, and get bored with them a week later. Over time, though, I have used this to my advantage.
I started several projects at once, but I finish them at different times. I take my time. When one is finished, it is finished. I am blessed with the ability to spew out different ideas and complete them all, just at different times.
People do expect us to quiet down and slow down to their “level”. But what is a “level”, Cat? Why do they want to control other people with ADD and OCD with pills? When a student is in a class, and that student has ADD or OCD or both, what does the teacher do? Have them assessed by a psychiatrist. Next day: student returns as a zombie. His mind is plagued with Ritalin or another psychotropic drug. Why must we snuff out the awesomeness of our quick minds?
Just so we are kept quiet. People don’t want to deal with us.
I should know.
My own cousins were put on Ritalin. They described it as walking through a black tunnel of sleep.
I love you, Cat, for you love and compassion. Your words do inspire me, and I am so grateful to be able to read your uplifting posts. I pray that you continue to inspire others, and that you continue to fill our hearts with joy. Not just those with Roadrunner Gonzales minds, but those who walk in the slow lane as well. Thank you!

Dianne Arbuckle
August 29 2015

I just adore you Cat, always so open and honest…sharing the highs and the lows. I also greatly admire the way you openly share your strong faith. You are an amazing inspiration and prove that true beauty is more than skin deep.

Vanessa Rivers
August 29 2015

I had no idea you have ADD. I think it’s awesome you shared this with people! You are right everyone has something they are overcoming on a daily basis. I’m not sure what my issue is. Maybe that means I have too many!! Lol I knlw I’m co-dependent. I’m also a people pleasure. I can’t stand when people are mad at me. Love you miss you! XOXO

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