It's a New Year, Child!

Written By Catherine Hickland - December 31 2014


January 28 2015

Thanks Cat! Your message came at exactly the right time and exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve been dealing with many painful issues that put me in a complete meltdown, and I’m finally coming out of the abyss. You have echoed every word that I’ve heard from my therapist, reading, meditation – you name it, I’ve done it trying to become my healthy self again. We CAN choose the way we think, we CAN feel the way we react to unhealthy people and situations. I didn’t believe that for a long time, but with the grace of God, I’m finally learning it. Thank you for the awesome reminder. You’ve always been an inspiration to me. Thank you!

January 25 2015

How fortuitous for me that I should have happened upon this inspiration on this day. The month almost over, I rose this Sunday morning with a new resolve to eat healthy, exercise more, and do all that I can to look my best on the outside and be my best on the inside. So naturally I end up at Cat Cosmetics. Not only are the products wonderful but Cat’s genuine desire to help us live our best lives always touches me. Today I feel spiritually nourished by her words and so thankful!

Anna Maria Bogart
January 19 2015

Thank you for your inspirational words. I have been feeling blue and out of sorts for a few weeks, maybe more & I opened up your website and started reading your past inspirations as well as this most recent one. I shop on your sight regularly & this is the first time I decided to read them. I guess I really needed to hear this today. I am not a negative person and always live in the light but for some reason lately I have not been myself. Thanks Cat for these beautiful, inspirational and motivational articles. You really spoke to me! This is just what I needed to hear and the kick in the butt I needed right now!
I can, I will and I deserve all the good things life has to offer! I am so much to be thankful for and thank you for my wake up call! XO

January 09 2015

Hello Cat!!! Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!!! My two daughters and I met you back in 2007 at a convention in NJ. You did a makeup application on your little stage to my daughter Breeanna. I’m sure you probably don’t remember us but we remember meeting you. We hung out at your booth and talked, took pictures and felt like we met up with good friend we had not seen in a while. I wore your make-up for quite a long time until I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2009. I was so saddened to have to stop wearing your products due to my now gluten free life style. I have to let you know though, that I have never felt better eating gluten free. Have you thought of formulating some of your products to be gluten free? Its very hard to find! Right now I am using Tarte makeup which is gluten free. Good luck in your new goal!! Email me anytime with ?’s, support & friendship! Laurie XO

Denise McMann
January 01 2015

Thank you for taking the time to try to inspire all of us to be better to ourselves. I wish you complete success on your journey. Much love and many blblessings to you, Todd and all the year ahead. ♡

January 01 2015

I enjoyed reading Cat’s thoughts. She sounds a lot more optimistic than I feel right now. I haven’t given up, but I have stuff to face that I fear, and a relationship that I am trying desperately to hold on to, though it probably hasn’t ever been good for me. I keep talking and talking but things really don’t change. I’m having trouble believing what I dream of is possible. In a relationship or otherwise.

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