It's a New Year, Child!


The New Year is here! Right now, we are in it.

Why is it that every year we make resolutions, that most of us do not keep?

For my part, this year I decided to go gluten free and see what happens. I have not felt at my best energy level in awhile. I ate my way through the holidays and feel like it.

So gluten free it is. I want my jaw line back. I AM going to get my jawline back. I am going to stick to it for 5 months and if I feel as great as my brother and sister feel and look (the weight fell off of both of them, and they both are nearly allergy free as a result of it) then I will make it my way of life.  

So, like any other goal in my life, I envision myself exactly as I want to look and feel. I crawl inside of it like a dream. I have to commit to it body, mind, and soul, because that’s the sure way to success. I have learned working in mind management and helping people heal and overcome old ways of thinking, is that making a firm decision and committing to it makes all the difference in the world. I have also learned is that a goal has to be realistic. Can I commit and stay with it? The answer for me, is.. yes.  I have had it. Enough is enough.

Food is like a bad boyfriend, you make all kinds of reasons why you can’t break up with him, but you feel so much better after you do. We have relationships with food. Comforter, best friend, bully husband, love, hate.

Which relationship do you want to have?

I didn’t think I would be able to do it. Here’s why.
Wherever we are, Todd and I have quite a crew that lives with us. There are usually 8-10 people a night at the dinner table, and guess who largely does the cooking? Yes, that’s right. Me. The Mama. I cook for all men, and they are not celery eating, salad loving men, they are pasta eating, bread eating, meat and potatoes men. I make delicious cream sauces, pasta, breads, meats, you get the picture.

In spite of that, for three days now I have been gluten free. I have still made the dinners, but I do not eat what I cook the others. I have a little stash and I prepare things ahead of time. Most grocery stores now have gluten free sections, and I google "gluten free” every day to learn what I can, and can not, eat. It’s been so easy. So far so good. And because I love all of the things I usually cook for the others, I am amazed at how I do not want it, and there can only be one reason for that. Because I am committed, baby!  I am committed to my jaw line, my health, and my well-being, which is directly tied into my happiness. I am breaking up with gluten, excessive sugar (I replaced it with coconut sugar for my coffee) and wheat. I told myself with conviction that I do not like or want any of these things that keep me from feeling good and looking my best and by God, I believed it. I changed my regularly scheduled programming.

If we want something bad enough, and if only we are in charge of it, we will make it happen.

Famous athletes will tell you that. Famous actors will tell you that. Successful people will tell you that. We decide. We make it happen. Imagine what you have been through n your life and had to overcome just to be sitting at your computer and reading this right now. A lot of things I imagine. You have survived a lot of things. And here you are. Right here, with me. Now, after surviving your childhood, abusive relationships, losing it all and having to start over, are you going to let a cigarette or food  keep you from the most healthy, happy, you there is? The answer is no. No with a side of no. Commit to no. Commit to your happiness and self control. Prove to yourself that your mind is more powerful than your cigarette, drug, food, or people addictions.  Because it is. Hallelujah! Get your spirit in alignment! Get your priorities straight!  Make wellness be your goal and joy.

It's a new year, child!

You can do it. You can do anything. I believe in you!

I am so happy to cheer in 2015 with you!

Let’s make it magnificent, shall we?

Love For Sure,




I enjoyed reading Cat’s thoughts. She sounds a lot more optimistic than I feel right now. I haven’t given up, but I have stuff to face that I fear, and a relationship that I am trying desperately to hold on to, though it probably hasn’t ever been good for me. I keep talking and talking but things really don’t change. I’m having trouble believing what I dream of is possible. In a relationship or otherwise.

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