Being Thankful Brings More To Be Thankful For

Written By Catherine Hickland - November 27 2014


December 05 2014

While living in Florida, I met a woman who was grateful for having air conditioning in her apartment. That made such an impression on me, that I will never forget it. Often the basics are taken for granted and there are many who do without them. People often complain of having a difficult family. Better they be difficult than to have none at all. Even good health people can take for granted. Basics are different things to different people. Its a good starting place for those who have difficulty naming anything.

November 29 2014

Thanks for this post. I have been going through a difficult period which includes anxiety, depression and fear. I know I have much to be grateful for and will keep all the things that I have in life in mind. I will definitely be using this prayer too.

November 27 2014

Gratitude, it’s the only attitude. As I’ve told you, I’m thankful for you & all that you’ve brought to my life. #love #support #wisdom #friendship xoxo

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