How Do We Let Go?

Written By Catherine Hickland - November 01 2014


Stephanie Clark
December 13 2014

Right on! Thank you Catherine for saying exactly how I’ve felt the past few months! It has taken me 20 years to learn how to win and be proud of my reactions to loved ones behaviors. Thank you also for admitting the break down moment. I had that first but did not act upon what I call my " just you wait Henry Higgins just you wait!" feelings. You are so right. Feel it, get over it, breathe and don’t do or say anything you’ll regret. We will be better off if we keep the initial emotions out of our reactions! We need to keep our energy for the positive and focus on those who do right by us. It’s so much better for our bodies and souls. We don’t need to feel temporarily awful AND look foolish! Cheers to being graceful and peaceful this holiday season.

Mary Brennan
November 06 2014

You are speaking to my heart, Catherine! I have printed out a few of my favorite inspirations of yours and put them on my bulletin board and read them often. It would be great if you could put these in a book—Chicken Soup for the Soul, Cat style! Thank you for the way you treat everyone.

Catherine Hickland
November 06 2014

There is a great song from the 80’s that Barry Manilow sang called “All The Time”
All the time I thought, there’s only me, crazy in a way, that no one else could be. I would have given everything I owned if someone could have said, you’re not alone. All the time, all the wasted time, all the years, waiting for a sign, to think I had it all, all the time" And those lyrics sum it up. We really have it all, but experiences, people putting their “stuff” on us, things that are said to us on the way to forming as functioning human beings, all of that can affect the way we relate and lack of strong boundaries. Saying no is okay. Walking away from situations that aren’t healthy is okay. Doing what we want to do, and not expected to do, is okay. I am loving the comments. Thank you for sharing

Eldona Dennis
November 05 2014

Cat, you hit the nail on the head. In the past few months, I have been learning to let things go. You helped teach me that! I’ve learned to just walk away from the drama & have peace. The drama can effect your health if you let it creep in. I refuse to be someone’s emotional punching bag. No more! I sleep so much better now! No regrets!!

November 02 2014

Thank you so much for sharing this.

Jane Bernstein
November 01 2014

Hi Cat, Hope you are well. WOW! This is the most helpful article I have ever read! It sure is a way to learn how to think differently so I stop feeling so bad due to what friends/acquantinces say to me. Most times when try making plans with couple of friends, answer is no we have plans of our own already. I can now start to learn I don’t need friends like that thanks to you! It would be great if you had a TV show helping guests with their problems and include your great talent as a hypnotist too. Thank you.

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