Are You A Vampire Magnet?

Written By Catherine Hickland - October 01 2014


Linda A.
January 19 2015

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful words, I read through so many of them today and it really helped lift my spirits. I believe that you so wonderfully use your gifts, that God has given you, and the most amazing thing is through all of your rough times in life you still manage to find time to be there for all of us who so enjoy your words of wisdom. You are truly a gift from god…. Wishing you a very blessed day!!!!

October 25 2014

I needed to hear this today. Thank you

Sheena W
October 19 2014

Well said and exactly what I needed to read tonight!! Thank you for sharing!

Susan Reynolds
October 18 2014

I think the best part was when you spoke of being self sufficient and agenda free and the resultant safety other people feel because of it. It makes so much sense.

October 13 2014

You don’t know how much I needed this today. You are so well versed. You make the ground work sound so easy. Have a great day Cat & may we learn from you how to spot that emotional vampire that is lerking around us too. Love you Cat


Jeanie Pinckney
October 10 2014

Oh yes! Sounds familiar!!! I want to jump in and fix! I’m done. I’m tired. I’m in Gods way. This is a new day I am moving forward What a rief!!! Thx!!! I needed that!!! Jeanie

Debbie Rouse
October 07 2014

Powerfully inspirational

Aida Beeson
October 02 2014

I have seen many people who are magnets.

You cannot tell them what you see as they don’t want to listen and see for themselves that you cannot rescue a person who does not really want to be rescued, they just want the free ride

October 02 2014

Well said!

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