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"I want to live my life in such a way that when I get out of bed in the morning, the devil says, "Aw sh**, he's up!"
― Steve Maraboli

Our New Seminar Theater in Las Vegas is COMPLETE!

When I left acting and decided to move to Las Vegas, it was because of a never-ending soap opera production schedule, pressure from work, working for an abusive person I did not respect, stress from going through a divorce from someone I really loved and respected as a person, and living in a city that I once found exciting had become too exhausting to relax in and no longer enjoyed living in (love to visit though!)

My blood pressure had become sky high, my adrenals were burned out and I no longer had the insane level of energy I had become so well known for. Everyone said I was crazy to move to Las Vegas from Manhattan, but my intuition was guiding me beautifully, and I had a vision for myself. After performing the "Intuition or Imagination" test on myself, I determined that it was indeed a divine guidance and moved anyway. After all, it’s my life and if I don’t decide how I want to live it, someone else will do it for me, and that is unacceptable.

Shortly after moving to Las Vegas, I was having dinner with a friend of mine from New York who is a Las Vegas headliner and he asked me, "Where do you see your career in five years?" 

The query troubled me, because I didn’t have an answer and based on my nagging feeling of doubt, that was not okay. I went home that night and pondered long and hard. It felt very odd, after years of knowing exactly what I was here to do as I had been a successful, working actress all of my adult life (it’s all I had known), what was my true purpose now?

I stayed the course and did what I came West to do: start a new career that I would love, get my health in order, calm down, slow down, de-stress my life everywhere I could, ruthlessly eliminate chaotic, crazy-making, unnecessarily dramatic people from my life and establish a no-drama zone.

Anyone who overstepped my personal boundaries got deleted from my life. People who think it’s alright to drive their drama up to my front door like a truck and dump their mess into my driveway had to go. These are people that I know. No one wants to feel like someones therapist, unless being a therapist is your job, and one must respect that in fact, it is a job. And by the way, I generally find that most of the people who think this is normal behavior are too scared or too lazy to get the help they need and for some strange reason, feel to do this to their friends and family. This is how you wear people out. Emotional Vampires 101.

I cleaned out my closets, made life more simple and drew clear but undeniable boundaries. Low and behold, my blood pressure went down, I wrote a book, designed my hypnosis stage-show, went back to school, learned a boatload about my mind, belief structures (as well as others), and how and why some things work and other things can just flat-out mess us up while we sit there believing the biggest lie of all, "that’s just the way it is."

I am here to tell you, that indeed it is most certainly true, IF YOU SAY SO.

I have not missed acting for a minute. Not one. I love performing my Comedy Hypnosis shows every year, but more than that, I love teaching people everything I know about how to change their mind so they can change their lives and make it the life they dream about.

A life that works. A life of clarity. A life of authenticity.

It has been a dream for me to have a theater built in order to conduct LIFE changing seminars, and my husband and I built a state-of-the-art teaching and training facility here in Las Vegas.

This past year, I have been co-teaching stage hypnosis to hypnotherapists who want to learn stage performing (a whole different beast from hypnotherapy), as well as eradicate performance anxiety for those who just haven’t been able to get up and perform.

This June, my partner in this venture, Hypnotist Don Spencer,  will launch seminars for weight-loss and anti-aging, where you will get personal one-on-one attention and testing for what your body needs, because one vitamin does not fit all. I want to change your ideas about aging. In my world, we get better, not older. You can learn how to use and own the cosmetics that can literally change the way you see yourself!

Relationships 101, 102 & 103, will teach you how to get in one, out of one, and be ready for one. Ever wonder why you stay in relationships whose expiration dates have well expired?  Or why you keep choosing the same person over and over again where only the face changes? We all have. It all starts with YOU.

We will also be offering "Black Belt of the Mind," which will make you understand yourself and finally get why you make the  choices you have made with consequences you don’t want (and wondered how that happened) and HOW to change it in order to get the life you DO want! It is for the non-professional everyday person, as well as hypnotherapists who really want to up their game.

Since we whole-heartedly believe in and operate on the Body/ Mind/Spirit connection, many of our programs are spiritually based, and you can be sure, it's worth every minute and penny you spend to be here.

The South Point Hotel right down the road gives our students incredible rates, making Las Vegas affordable and there are always plenty of things to see and do at night! We have ways to get you most show tickets at a discounted rate, so action and fun are waiting for you five miles down the road!

It is the best little vacation you could ever give yourself, and I promise you will not leave here the same as you arrived.

I want to introduce you to fun, your authentic self, and that’s what I fully intend to do.

The real beauty of all this? You will begin to know your purpose and move towards it. You will understand that you can change your life by simply changing your mind.

Last night, I had dinner with the same friend who five years ago asked me where I wanted to see my career go in five years (that was five years ago by the way!).

As I showed him the graduating seminar pictures of all of the students and how incredibly happy they all were because of their change in mind-set and facing their fears, I realized that I had truly found my purpose.

I am an entertainer, and moreover, I am an agent of change. I love what I do.

When is the last time you had real fun? What would you like to change?

For more information about all of our different programs, comment below and I will make sure you get the list, prices and dates of upcoming life-changing and FUN seminars in the most exciting city I know.


Love For Sure,



Hi Cat, I would love more information. You have been an inspiration for many years. Thank you.

Jenny Golden
Jenny Golden

Your 5 year turn-around story is truly, incredibly inspiring! Few have the courage to get nudged out of their comfort zone and take the leap into a new career and personal life (myself included!). For years I’ve dreamed of starting my own business as an advocate for families struggling to get services for their special needs loved ones, but my steady hourly wage RN job keeps me in that “safe” zone. I will ponder and pray over what your journey. God bless for all those you help and inspire!


I would love more information, please.

Sandra Lynne
Sandra Lynne

Your inspirations have renewed my spirit for years. I would love more info about your seminars!

Catherine B
Catherine B

Wow!!! I’m totally interested! Please send me more information on upcoming classes.

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