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Written By Catherine Hickland - February 01 2014


February 25 2014

I too lost my mother whom I loved dearly many years ago. It took me a long time to be able handle the grief. The answer for me was much like yours. I had to put “it away”. I would look at it when I thought I could handle it. Eventually it became easier and I could think about Mom and remember all the love she so freely gave. That love is in us now and the best tribute to them is to share it.
Love and Peace,

February 02 2014

I know exactly how you felt, the whole month of January I was in a bad state of emotions. I turned 60 yrs. old in January (that was not the reason) its been 2 yrs. since my Mom had passed away and we were very close, just like you and your Mom. My Mom had given my husband, my brother and his wife a happy 60th birthday card and $60.00, for their special day. She told me that she had a card for me and $60.00 inside of it and put it in a mental box in her closet in case she wouldn’t be here. Of course as anyone would say I would tell my Mom oh you will be here where do you think you are going, and she was not sick at all. Well, that didn’t happen, she had a fall, had surgery and was never the same, her spirit was gone, she gave up, she didn’t have any fight left in her and within a couple of months she passed away. I took that birthday card home and kept it in my drawer until now, Jan. 30th for my 60th birthday. All month long that is the only thing I could focus on was my Mom was not her to see me turn 60, it has been so sad and tears are flowing even now as I am writing you. When my Mom died a part of my heart went with her. I know she wouldn’t want me to feel this way on my birthday she would want it to be a happy occasion, but its hard. It touches my heart that my Mom did this for me, it shows how much she loved me and I will never forget it. I am praying ever day myself asking God to give me strength and relieve me of this emotional rollercoaster I seem to be on at the moment. I also have been watching Joel Osteen every Sunday and reading his books, which I find to be very helpful. I wanted to let you know that you are not alone in how you feel, and reading your inspiration made me feel less alone also. Thank you for sharing your feelings. God Bless You!

February 01 2014

xoxo … powerful words from a powerful woman … much love, you huggable warrior.

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