Making Room

Written By Catherine Hickland - March 31 2014


Deborah Cordes
April 29 2014

Reading your words, I feel like you are the sister I never had. I feel a close connection to you. No one else I’ve known in my life has the same crazy capacity to extend their love, compassion and thoughtfulness outside and beyond the norm (i.e. the norm being family and friends.) I love your inner beauty, and I try to emulate your outer beauty with Cat Cosmetics!

April 05 2014

Well, I had to get the kleenex out again after reading this most beautiful inspiration. God bless you and all those animals who have you to love & care for them – especially the newest addition to your family. What a wonderful story!

Linda Marshall-Smith
April 02 2014

It’s like I always say, Catherine. The heart is like a parachute. It’s best when it’s open. Many blessings with your new feathered friend. Love ya, Linda

April 02 2014

Cat..I’m writing thru tears…this is such a joyous moment and I’m thrilled you will have another love are sooooooooo special to people plus all feathered and furry friends..this is such great news..yay!!

Jen Golden
April 02 2014

Your 5 year turn-around story is truly, incredibly inspiring! Few have the courage to get nudged out of their comfort zone and take the leap into a new career and personal life (myself included!). For years I’ve dreamed of starting my own business as an advocate for families struggling to get services for their special needs loved ones, but my steady hourly wage RN job keeps me in that “safe” zone. I will ponder and pray over what your journey. God bless for all those you help and inspire!

April 02 2014

Buddy Boo sent him….God bless. <3 Annalee…..

Lisa Gilmour
April 02 2014

Dear Catherine, Thank you for being such an inspiration. I am basically very lonely. I will open my heart to possibilities…… And maybe a pet; although, living in a condo, my choices are limited regarding a pet. Someday, I will have a house and then I can have animals.
I loved your story; put a smile on my face. You, and the life you lead, are a true inspiration for me.

carol L. Gonzalez
April 01 2014

My husband and I moved into our home in 1978. We adopted three kittens before we even moved in. They are long gone but we added two dogs also long gone now a few more cats who died far too young and presently have five cats ranging in age from 18 to 5 years of age. My husband feels since we are older now we.should not add any more cats to the household but I hope to always have one or two! As painful as it was to lose the ones who are no.longer with us-especially if they died really young-I would not have given up the experience of loving their unique “personalities”.

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