You are a super hero

Written By Catherine Hickland - November 01 2013


November 04 2013

So inspired by this today Cat! We are presented with exactly what we need at the exact right time – without us even needing to do anything ourselves. It’s amazing how it all works out! So blessed to know you!

November 03 2013

How wonderful! So happy how it all happened that day! xo

November 02 2013

I am so very sorry for the deep losses you have lived through recently. I agree…to heal, we need to allow ourselves to feel the pain. Part of the journey through that tunnel is to just “be” in the inevitable grief and ensuing emotions. Our Faith, our strength, our definition of our own character are what helps us to choose our path when we venture back into the light. Your husband’s own wisdom in being there for you all along, while you processed….or proceeded through…was a great testimony of his love and faith in who you are. I am re-posting your latest words of wisdom re: women: who we are and women we love who strengthen us. You are an Earth-Angel and for myself, I am abundantly grateful.

Lori Harrison
November 01 2013

I think your Mama might have been involved in this! Her love is still flowing, Cat! Glad you are finding your way back. Like you said, it’s a process. You’ll get there! Hugs to you!

Aida Beeson
November 01 2013

The universe works in mysterious ways. Meeting your friend like you did, just when you needed her most.

So glad you are doing better

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