The Miracle Working Kit - Cat's Makeover

Posted on June 16, 2015 by Catherine Hickland | 3 Comments

Watch Cat's makeover using one of our all time fastest selling products - The Miracle Working Kit. BUY IT HERE

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The Miracle Working Kit Makeover Walkthrough

3 Responses


July 06, 2015

Did you use a foundation before applying the makeup? If so, what did you use? Thanks.

Karyn Igarashi

June 18, 2015

Hi Cat….
I love your products, have been using for many years. I was wondering if you put a foundation on your face before the video using “The Miracle Working kit Makeover”?
I love the simpleness of the kit.

Pan Chasse

June 18, 2015

Looks easy to apply. How does this color work with dark hair, dark eye and fair skin? Also, did you have a foundation on before applying the make up?

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