The Miracle Working Kit Makeover Walkthrough

Posted on June 11, 2015 by Catherine Hickland | 2 Comments

A makeover narrated by Cat herself, all make-up used is a part of the new Miracle Working kit. BUY IT HERE

Cat did the same makeover on Brittany and her mom, Vicky. 


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The Miracle Working Kit - Cat's Makeover

The Miracle Working Kit Launch Video

2 Responses

Emily Cole

May 27, 2016

I am not good at putting make up on and she makes it look so easy I am 71 years old so you can see how my skin would be
Barbara von Eppinger

June 11, 2015

HOORAY!!!! A new Cat Kit with new shades!!! Cat’s Kits are the BEST!!! And new Whiskers 2.0!!! I WANT!!!

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