What A Wonderful World It Could Be
July 01, 2014
If you feel as if you do not matter, if you feel as if you have forgotten how to have fun, to trust, to give, to receive, to dream, and to bond with other people, please allow me to remind you of something...
Be Happy On The Inside
May 30, 2014
Being around a lot of people all the time has its challenges. You have to learn to get along with all kinds of personality types, and learn a person’s communication modes. Some people learn best by hearing (audio learning), some by watching (visual learning), and some by touch (tactile learning).  We all have a different language, in life and in love, and our success as communicators comes when we learn how the people around us access information and then speak their "language."
Get Your Fire Back
April 30, 2014
This is the seminar that can make a difference in the way you approach your life. Learn the skills that make life easier; learning how to be a master communicator, how to get people to say yes, how to spot emotional vampires and stop them dead in their tracks, how to be a listener and not a rescuer, and how to have fun again.
Making Room
March 31, 2014
If you need to open your heart again, to a person, a pet, a situation, open it. It does not mean you have to act on it. It does not mean you are actively looking. It means you are open to possibilities. It means you are open to love finding you. Open your heart for joy to find you.