Look 10 Years Younger Makeup Kit

Collection: Look 10 Years Younger Makeup Kit

The 2014 re-release of our famous, best selling Look 10 Years Younger kit is here!

With updated, hi-res photos and more options, if you are new to Cat Cosmetics or back for more, check out the new options below.

If you need some pointers, watch this ambush makeover video!

If you have had experience with this amazing bundle, leave us a review below! Others have said:

"I bought it a few weeks ago and love it. In fact, I am wearing it now! Very easy to use and looks very natural on. Thank you, Cat!"

"I bought this kit a few weeks ago and love it. It is my on-the-go kit to get ready in 8 minutes! I am going to buy another for the winter so in my packed bag I have an additional makeup kit should I get stuck in bad weather. Thanks Cat for creating all these must have/on the go kits for us girls who love to look beautiful. You are the best!"

"My favorite ever makeup--it's very light yet evens out the skin tones perfectly. Ordering my 2nd refills today."

"Love this product. Great instructions too. Thanks!"


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8 products