"No Words" Remembering Debbie and Carrie

Written By Catherine Hickland - January 14 2017


Carolyn Saathoff
February 10 2017

Hi Cat,
I just now realized that you are in this family. Your journal entry here is beautiful. I am certain that your mother in law and sister in law are smiling at you from the heavens. I always write you about Cat cosmetics products, but this time I wanted to reach out on this deeply personal and human level. I can relate to the part where you talked about Debbie and you having deep conversations! Growing up, all my friends used to tell me I was “so deep.” Ha! Anyway, thank you for sharing.
Many blessings!

Joanne Fenech
January 31 2017

Dear Cat…well said…we fans are all behind you…..Debbie, Carrie and all the family are on my mind and thinking of you and although not knowing each other personally…with the power of love as you well said we can help each other by not knowing…love is like the wind…you cannot see it but you can feel it straight into your heart…. and this is amazing and makes you closer and loved by the person although you are so far apart xx keep strong…FAITH and LOVE makes us keep going…no matter what…..and BOTH of them are with us in SPIRIT especially with by the side of their FAMILY xxx

Mary Jo Schimmels
January 31 2017

Your testimony is beautiful. I have met you at some RV Rally’s and know what a beautiful and strong and loved woman you are. I mean a retired hospice RN and I know own this about the grieving process… let it happen … be in the moment .. give your mind, body and spirit time to heal. You and Todd lost the 2 most important people in your lives and your being hurts. I pray for you that peace will fill the void. Debbie was a doll and the whole world will miss she and Carrie. Know thathat you are loved. RN from Vegas.

Kristine Glasser
January 27 2017

That was beautiful. Peace be with you and Todd.

Patty Varzaly
January 27 2017

I’m so very, very sorry for your loss, Cat. Debbie & Carrie were two very special people & will definitely be missed? Wrap your arms around yourself & give a tight squeeze; that’s a hug from me to you.

January 27 2017

Beautifully said. Keep you & Todd in my prayers. God Bless

Gloria Weissman
January 26 2017

Dear Cat,

Thank you for your words. You are so right. Live for today. Tell the people you love that you love them. With a husband who has cancer, we live for today. Every day is a gift. We treasure it. I am so sorry for your loss..you and Todd both. It was an unimaginable loss. You put everything in perspective. Bless you.

Adrienne Zouzounis
January 26 2017

Beautiful words from an amazing beautiful woman. I truly enjoyed this article from the heart ❤

January 26 2017

What a lovely tribute. How lucky your were to have such a great relationship with your in laws! I wish for your family peace. I am sending you love and light!

Denise Stahl
January 26 2017

I loved your beautiful story of your relationship with your mother in law and sister in law. We see them as actors, images on a screen. You had the joy of having them as family all the pros and cons. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the real people behind the actor’s mask.

Lisa Gonzalez
January 26 2017

Hi Cat, I’m sorry for your loss. I too lost my Mom on January 11, 2017, two weeks ago. It hurts really bad. I took care of her. I had ordered makeup from you for her some time ago and in fact, I took that to the mortuary and had them apply it to her for her viewing. She looked so beautiful. Once again Cat, I know what you are feeling and going though. I still cry everyday and just wonder when it going to not hurt so much. I feel like a piece of me is gone. You take care and my thoughts and prayers are with you and Todd. God Bless the both of you.

Janice Wright
January 26 2017

Thank you so much for writing about Debbie and Carrie. We all loved them. I only met Carrie once at a Star Wars Celebration. She was out of this world.

Arlene Cheesman
January 26 2017

Cat what you wrote came from your heart & I’m so glad you posted it. I’ve always loved Debbie & have seen all her movies. I didn’t follow Carrie & didn’t care for the Star Wars movies. My friend Marcus Collins was very upset

Carol Watson
January 26 2017

Hello Cat
I send you & Todd my deepest sympathy. I know how difficult this past month has been for you both. Thank God that you have each other to help with the grief you are going through.

Everyone loved Debbie & Carrie. Debbie for all of her wonderful movies & entertaining.
Getting to know Carrie through her eyes was amazing.
I just know that they are together & having a great time.

Thank you for sharing your feelings & picture with us.

P.S. I know that Nugget is with them & also having the time of his life. It was so fun meeting him while attending :Get Your Fire Back".

Maybe one day, Lisa & I will be able to attend another of your wonderful & inspiring gatherings.

With much LOVE to you both
Carol Watson

Kathy Higgins
January 26 2017

Dear Cat, I had no idea that two of my favorite women in the world were your mother- and sister-in-law. Their loss felt to me as if one of my own family members had passed. Mu heartfelt condolences are sent to you and your husband. Thank you for this beautiful remembrance of two remarkable women. We shall not see the likes of them again. The world mourns their passing with you.

Patricia Jack
January 26 2017

When I was grieving for Carrie & Debbie, I had no idea that you were married to Todd.
Hugs. Wishing you well. God Bless your family!
PS. We met at OLTL Luncheons and at each of your NY studios on those days.


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