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"Once we begin to change our perception, our thinking, it's amazing how other things in our lives start changing also. The domino effect begins with the first step within ourselves. It's not esoteric; it's human energy." -Kingsley Dennis

Have you ever felt someone staring at you, only to turn around and indeed find someone who has a focused gaze on you?

You felt their energy.

As an experiment the other night, an exhausted friend of mine fell deep asleep on our couch and as I was sitting there with our other buddy, I told him to watch, that I was going to wake him up with nothing more than my energy. I stood over him and focused on him and only him. I put my hand out and to all exclusion, stared at him willing him to gently wake up. In less than a minute, he slowly opened his eyes and found me there smiling him back into the world. He said he could feel something and it woke him up.

It is quite amazing how powerful our energy is. Energy is a very real thing. Fear is an energy. Anger is an energy. Happiness is an energy. Compassion is an energy. Most of all, love is an energy. Spiritual energy is a very powerful tool for healing.

Channeling is not considered a good word in the Christian language, and I am not sure why. Because being a messenger of love and healing is channeling from one receiver to another. We change channels. We tune into another frequency. With heart-felt prayer, we are able to change the channel, like on a radio until we tune in to a beautiful spiritual energy. At any time, we are able to tap into our God energy, which is the greatest energy of love, security, and safety. We just have to know which channel we are tuning into. A visual way to imagine this is frequency. We all run on frequencies and our energy is transmits from one being to another.

Unfortunately, not all energy is good, and when you are in the presence of a negative energy you can surely feel it.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable around a stranger or even a person you live with? Does spending time around some people make you feel weak or ill? Doing what I do, I am in contact with up to a few thousand people a night. There is energy all over the place. My focus is pulled in all kinds of directions to people in the audience. I love when it is pulled in the direction of a light and happy energy. It happens often.

Last night after the show, a young woman with two very young children, asked me if hypnosis could help depression. When I asked if she was the one who was depressed, she answered, "yes."

For me, hypnosis as therapy has a place, but in many cases, depression is often situational and I always ask a person who feels depressed, what is going on in their life. She told me that she had been in an extreme physical and emotionally abusive relationship for the past two years and that she and the babies had just a few days before had managed to escape.

She had fear in her energy. Being under an abusive relationship of any kind can indeed alter a person’s brain chemistry, not to mention annihilate self worth. This is when I ask if I can pray with a person, because I know they are likely under spiritual warfare, not depression.

First I asked if she understood the amount of courage it took to leave the situation. The dark energy of fear had been heaped on her for those two years. I wanted her to understand her own personal power, which she had demonstrated in the single act of escaping.

I told her that was the hardest part, and therefore the hardest part was behind her and that no matter what, she must never go back because everything from there was going to be a cake walk next to the courage it took to escape with two young children. I could feel her energy become calm as she took in my words. I told her that after she managed to get stabilized with the help of friends and family, that her healing would begin to take hold.

I reminded her that focusing on God and praying from her heart would give her the answers she needed to move forward in a positive and healthy direction. Getting her self-esteem back was number one priority, for her work, her mothering, and her future choices.

We prayed. And I will continue to pray for her and her children. I pray she will focus on herself and not her abuser. God will take care of him, too. We don’t get to abuse another person and not pay in some way. That is not for us to waste a minute thinking about.

I pray she will come to love herself and find peace to the extent that she will never again trade it in for anything less. I know she will be okay. I don’t know how I know, but I do.

Is there something you need to make a move on today? Let your family and friends help you. You and only you have the ability to change the channel and tune into God. He is here for you 24/7. Lay down, relax, breathe in, and breathe out. Close your eyes, get calm, and tune in the Lord, your God.

The "Love Channel" as I like to think of it. Stay there awhile and quiet the chatter, your answers will come. Become the love energy and receive nothing less.

Happy Summer!



Cat…bless your heart..YOU are a GIFT! Thank you xo


Cat, your inspiration was right on target. My father was an abusive alcoholic and made my life a nightmare. When he died, it was the happiest day of my life. Several years after his death, I went to a very gifted reader. She immediately told me that my father was deceased, his drinking contributed to his death and because he was such a horrible person he didn’t make it over to the other side and God had dealt with him.

Just to let survivors of abuse know, God will take care of everything and the abuser will pay for what they did.

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