Adapt. Overcome. Persevere.

Written By Catherine Hickland - July 31 2012


August 17 2012

Cat , I agree with you – I don’t think there is ever a coincidence either – everything
is exactly as it is supposed to be ~
loved tis story ( :
Have a pretty day!

August 05 2012

That’s so wonderful, Cat! What a story of love… The new website rocks, as do you! Love you

Bev Thawley
August 02 2012

It was so nice of you to take time to visit Christina.I saw her yesterday and she is still excited about your visit.If you go to facebook and search for Renee Morris you will see her 2 granddaughters and your 2nd?cousins at an award ceremony for Longaberger baskets in Ohio.(that’s why they couldn’t be there last Friday to see you.)Thanks again for making such a nice time for your great aunt.

Flo DiBona
August 02 2012

Cat – I thank God for people like YOU sweet lady. We all have dark and light in us. You not only choose to give the dark no power you ARE the light! Thank you for you and your light. It helps more than you could ever possibly imagine. You not only sought out this reunion, you deserved it. Peace and love always! xoxo

Lynn Johnson
August 01 2012

Cat – What a beautiful story. I loved that you shared it with all of us. Thank you. I am such a fan of your products, been using them for years, Always, always get compliments on my face! Thank you for reaching out to all of us, and thank me for letting you in. Peace. Lynn.

Judy Proulx
August 01 2012

So glad to see you back! When I lived on CT I always wanted to book a makeup lesson in NYC but it never worked out. You sound like a woman who has been on quite a journey. Welcome back!

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