The DYNAMIC DUO Elastin Collagen Creme and Candle Glow in pearly pink


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Elastin Collagen Creme and Candle Glow in Pearly Pink.


These two incredibly effective products are my secret weapons.  Elastin Collagen Cream is the best moisturizer for those of us who have tired, dry, skin that has lost its luster. Hormones, weather, forced heat, all contribute to that moment where we look in the mirror and ask, “what’s going on with my skin?”


Here’s a true story about my beloved Elastin Collagen Cream…


I love doing impromptu makeovers.  When the feeling overtakes me, I will do them anywhere, anytime, I have even done them on a bus and subways.  A few years ago, I met a woman at a convention who was from Wyoming.  She wasn’t wearing a stitch of anything on her face. When I looked at her, I imagined her beauty (I see everyone’s beauty) and immediately knew what it would take for her to see it.


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She was a rancher, maybe about 68 or so, and had deep lines etched in her face from being out in the sun her entire life.  My sister who was with me, was watching as I prepared her skin for a makeover.  After massaging elastin collagen cream into her skin, we were both astonished at the immediate difference. It was like giving a glass of cool water to a person dying of thirst.  Her skin came back to life.  Did her lines all disappear?  Of course not, but they relaxed and softened and when she touched her face she could not get over it.  Boy, did we do a happy dance!   I made her over a few minutes later and she was so happy when she saw herself, she cried.


Secret Weapon #2


Candle Glow in Pearly Pink is what I like to call “glowtion” because when you apply it to clean, moisturized, bare skin, you will look as if you just had a facial. Yes, it’s just that amazing!  On days I don’t want to wear a face-full of makeup, but still want to look healthy and youthful, this is what I dress my skin in.


On the days that I wear foundation, powder and color, I apply Candle Glow after I finish my makeup, to add a beautiful glow to my face that truly makes my makeup look beyond incredible.


Say yes to affordable elegance!

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