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Cat Cosmetics

Take it Off! The Boo-Boo-Nater the smudge Remover Wand IT’S BACK!

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We all do it, rush to put makeup on and whoosh! Suddenly there is a black streak of mascara across your cheek. You go to rub it off, maybe even using a little saliva (you know you’ve done it) and you make it even worse. You applied eye shadow and a little falls under your eyes.  You apply your lip liner a little too far outside the lip line, and you are starting to look like your crazy aunt.

This great makeup remover formula comes in a handy wand with an applicator  to instantly remove smudges, flakes, crazy-aunt lip liner or haywire mascara.

Whatever the flaw, this will take it off and leave a silky place to re-apply your makeup where the makeup ought to be! Don’t get caught without it!

Made with comfrey, chamomile, cucumber and witch hazel extracts known for their soothing and cooling qualities.

Not intended for removing makeup from your entire fact, only smudges. Keep out of your eyes.

    Take it Off! The Boo-Boo-Nater  the smudge Remover Wand  IT’S BACK!
    Take it Off! The Boo-Boo-Nater  the smudge Remover Wand  IT’S BACK!
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    Why Choose Cat?

    • Clean Skincare

      Clean and natural skincare with safe and transparent ingredients

    • Delivery

      We don't ship out of the country,Except Canada and Australia

    • Integrity

      Made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients

    • Authorized

      We are an authorized


    Q: What credit cards are accepted on your site? How else can I pay?

    A: All major credit cards are accepted, and we also proudly accept Paypal too!

    Q: I really love your makeup but I do not live in the United States, do you ship internationally?

    A: If you are willing to pay the high cost of international shipping, we will ship wherever you may be!

    Q: If I am not satisfied with my product, can I return or exchange it?

    A: Absolutely! We want all of our friends to be happy with their
    purchase, so you have 30 days to test it out. A deal is only a deal if
    you’re happy.

    Q: Can I track my order?

    A: Yes, a tracking number will be provided for you.

    Q: Is there someone that I can contact for help or questions?

    A: If you need help with a order contact us However,
    due to our demanding schedules, email us questions (photos of yourself
    are a huge help), and someone will get back to you as soon as possible!

    Q: What is your refund policy?

    A: 30 days. Send the product back and we will issue a full refund, minus the shipping charges to send it back to us.

    What Clients Are Saying

    "The second product I have bought in the smaller size. Love the little tingle I get on my face after use and a couple of drops is enough."

    - Paige Alexander

    "Fantastic cleanser ! My skin is clean & fresh, ready to absorb the rest of my Dr. Barbara Sturm skincare routine."

    - Claire Cooper

    "This cleanser is very lightweight & doesn't dry out your skin like most cleansers. I have my teenage son using it & it has helped with his acne."

    - Sara Bond

    "I now don't want to use any other cleanser. Use it in the morning and evenings. It doesn't dry the skin and leaves it nicely clean.

    - Nikolay Balusher

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