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We all do it, rush to put makeup on and whoosh! Suddenly there is a black streak of mascara across your cheek or above your eyelids. You go to rub it off, maybe even using a little saliva (you know you’ve done it) and you make it even worse. You applied eyes shadow and a little lightly falls under your eyes.  You apply your lip liner a little too far outside the lip line, and you are starting to look like your crazy aunt.

This great makeup remover formula comes in a handy wand with an applicator to get in the tiniest of places to instantly remove smudges, flakes, crazy-aunt lip liner or haywire mascara.

Whatever the flaw, this will take it off and leave a silky place to re-apply your makeup where the makeup ought to be! Don’t get caught without it!

Made with comfrey, chamomile, cucumber and witch hazel extracts known for their soothing and cooling qualities.

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