Foundation Blender - The Rolls Royce of Blenders!


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You see these blenders in all shapes and sizes but they are definitely not created equal which is why you also see all kinds of prices. Sponges can be made cheaply, or they can made like a Rolls Royce. This is my absolute favorite for applying and blending foundation.   You can use this wet or dry but I prefer the soft touch so I always wet mine and squeeze out the excess water... it plumps up and voila! Your foundation will go on smooth and the coverage is amazing with just the smallest amount of product. Many sponges waste product, this sponge does not. Once you apply your foundation, you can blend blend blend, giving a smooth and even look. You can stipple, you can press and roll, use any technique you want. Gently clean with dawn dishwashing detergent every few days and rinse thoroughly. Non Latex.

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