• Brush Scrubber Mitt  BRAND NEW AND FABULOUS!
  • Brush Scrubber Mitt  BRAND NEW AND FABULOUS!

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If you take proper care of your brushes, they will last for years. This groovy silicone mini-mitt makes cleaning and disinfecting your brushes a snap.

I am a freak about my brushes, because when facial oil and color builds up on them, it doesn’t matter how great the makeup that you use is, it just won’t give good payoff. I believe this is why we have “bad makeup days.”


Slip your fingers into the open end. Allow cold water to run over the mitt for a few seconds, and then add a little Dawn dishwashing detergent into the grooves of the mitt.

Wet the brush, brushing it gently back and forth over the grooves where the detergent is. Allow the water to run over the mitt and brush until the water runs clear, making sure to rinse thoroughly.

Gently pat the water out of the brush and lay it flat to dry. If you do this in the evening, your brushes will be like new in the morning.


How often do I clean my brushes?

I recommend washing your brushes at least once a week

Why do I lay them flat instead of letting them dry in a cup?

Brush hairs are glued in and you don’t want the water draining down into the head and handle of the brush loosening the hair.

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