The NEW Game Changer Illuminizing Lipstick


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A soft, silver, metallic peach  lipstick with medium coverage and a pale shimmer that is perfect for making your face appear to glow. Optical illusions in make-up is everything!


Every woman has a drawer full of lipsticks that I call the "what was I thinking" lipsticks.  Lipsticks that weren't what you hoped they'd be, or lipsticks you became bored with. Lipsticks you bought after a breakup or just not in your right mind over something. The Game Changer is a buttery-silver lipstick that will turn any color you already own, into something lighter, shimmery and drop dead gorgeous!  The ultimate Silver Bullet!  Have a matte lipstick you wish had more shine, glimmer and POW?  Glide on the Game Changer!  Have a color that you sort of like, but wish it had more pizazz?  Glide on the Game Changer! Shimmer, Winter, sizzle, and glow. Tis the season to be gorgeous!!

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